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Tips & Tricks #1

Stay tuned for monthly tips & tricks to help you with your makeup applications.

Tips & Tricks!

I am going to attempt to blog my favourite makeup tips and tricks once a month here for my subscribers to enjoy.

Tip #1: MOISTURIZE – even if you have oily skin!

- Our skin produces oil to dry and combat the dryness so if you are an oily gal like myself… you need to make sure you are moisturizing daily

- If you do have oily skin, stick to gel-based moisturizers that are a bit lighter

- If you have dry skin, I love using face oils in the evening and a good moisturizing cream in the morning

- If you have combination/normal skin – I like to stick to the cream moisturizers but you can pretty much get away with anything

- ALWAYS make sure your morning moisturizer has SPF in it! Save your skin from the sun even in the winter

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