About me...

My name is Kendra and I am the owner and founder of KRK Makeup Artistry. I started this business out of a passion of mine - helping people feel their best and enhance their natural beauty through makeup. I have always loved doing my own makeup and my friends' makeup and recently had started taking some classes with Makeup by Ashleigh when I realized I wanted to make this a business. 

I have completed many trainings with Makeup by Ashleigh & other artists now. I continue to watch their videos to learn. I have taken what I have learned from her and other artists and combined this with my own techniques to come up with my own style. I pride myself on my perfectionism which leads to a flawless makeup application. I always want to work to enhance your natural beauty instead of covering it up with makeup.

I truly believe that makeup can be a form of empowerment for many women. It allows you to express yourself in different ways and it can really give your confidence a boost. 

Thank you for visiting KRK Makeup Artistry! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

- Kendra 

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